Built Heritage Conservation Training Centre
Bánffy-castle Bontida

Built Heritage Conservation Training Centre
Bánffy Castle Bontida, Romania

The purpose of the centre is to promote excellence in the conservation of the historic environment and specifically to teach traditional building craft skills which can be utilised in the repair and maintenance of historic buildings.

The Centre promotes a policy of Minimal Intervention in dealing with the repair of historic buildings, combined with a strategy of Compatibility in techniques and materials, and the use of local resources. It promotes a philosophy of analysing, understanding, and recording historic buildings before and during intervention.

Types of courses:

  1. Landscape architecture;
  2. Art history;
  3. Archaeology;
  4. The Centre is developing programmes in painting, photography, tourism marketing, and history;
  5. Involvement of schools: heritage days for schoolchildren.

Dear Sir/Madam!

The Transylvania Trust, responsible for the restoration and revitalisation of Bánffy Castle, Bonțida, Romania, invites you, between 4th - 17th or 18th- 31st August 2019, to take part in a “hands-on” learning experience in the field of historic building conservation.