Child carnival at Bontida

The traditional customs are blossoming again nowadays , since their evocation is not only educative but also very entertaining for children.

The Transylvania Trust Foundation and the Hungarian Scout Association –  Czetz Janos Scout Group no. 51 have organized for the second time the Carnival for the children in Cluj County at the Banffy Castel, in Bontida. Nearly 70 children participated in this year’s event.

All wearing costumes, the children had a splendid time dancing, playing games, singing songs and reciting poems. There were sandwiches, tea, goulash and donuts.

The activity was placed in a storyline by the Scout Group from Gherla, the protagonists being Winnie Pooh and his Friends from the Hundred Acre Wood.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the costumes. We can only mention here a few of the very creative and funny costumes: Caesar, a group of Hungarian Hun Valiants along with their spouses, little devil girls, witches, buffoons, Winnie Pooh with Tiger, Piglet and Donkey.  The jury decided upon the best costume. Besides the prize for winner, everybody got a present, and the lucky ones won significant prizes on the tombola.

The round-o-clock program was diverse and entertaining and consisted of a series of traditional activities. There were mask paintings, costume parades, contests and carnival doll burning symbolizing the end of Winter. The doll (made out of straws) burned down quickly indicating that good weather will come soon, and the Spring Fairy will replace the cold Winter.

Program of the Carnival