Promovarea si coordonarea conservarii si cercetarii patrimoniului construit.

Cultural tourism

  • Short history and presentation of Bánffy castle, Bontida

    After leaving the Cluj-Napoca - Dej highway at Răscruci, one can soon observe the rising towers of the Bánffy Castle at Bontida, on the banks of the Somes River. Formerly known as the Transylvanian Versailles, Bánffy castle, Bontida is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the Carpathian basin.

  • Guided tours

    Guided tours and presentation of the work at the Castle is available for groups. Please contact us for further details at

  • The parkland

    The earliest documentation relating to the gardens and parkland of the castle date from the eighteenth century when Dénes Bánffy attempted to bring the grandeur of the French garden to Bontida, using Versailles and Schönbrunn as models.

  • The sculptures of the castle

    The statue gallery of the Bonţida castle was the most important 18th century Transylvanian ensemble of statues. It was created in the 1740-50's, when Dénes Bánffy extended his castle to resemble the Vienna aristocratic buildings, and wanted to decorate it according to his rank.

  • How to get there

    The Castle is located in the village of Bontida, 30 km north of Cluj, just off the national road connecting Cluj with Bistrita/Baia Mare.